ZSL London Zoo Sunset Safari

Kick off your summer with an evening Sunset Safari at the ZSL London Zoo. Running every Friday from 3rd June until 15th July, with limited tickets, you can enjoy the long summer evenings surrounded by incredible animals, lovely food, drinks and a beautiful setting.

I attended the opening night and recommend this as a great way to wrap up a busy week in London. Here’s the details:


  • Opens 6pm
  • Most exhibits close 9pm
  • last orders 9:45
  • Zoo closes 10pm
  • See program for feedings, shows and talks (pictured below)



  • Adult £22.50
  • Adult + Guided Tour £40.00
  • Child £16.88
  • Child + Guided Tour £32.50

Early bird (seems to be more than 1 week in advance)

  • Adult £19.50
  • Child £14.63
  • No Early Bird Guided Tour Packages

Food and Drinks

  • Beer  £4.50
  • Food Approx £5.50 -£8.50

ZSL London night safari map

base Camp Lawns at ZSL London Zoo night safari

Meet the animals or chill with a drink

Once you in the gate you will be given a map and it’s up to you to get the most out of the evening. There are enough different things to do to suit most people.
If you just want to wander around and see some animals, but mostly relax and have a drink while listening to great live music, then the base camp lawns will be for you. sit on large bean bags or lawn chairs while the bands play jazz, steel drums or covers while the sun sets and the lights start to sparkle in the tress above.
If you’re desperate to see penguins feeding or meerkats, well – being Meerkats, then you will want to check out the program of Sunset Safari Specials. These are located on the inside of the map, that you are given  at the entrance, and list the different activities and shows from 7:00pm to 8:15pm.

Either way there is something for everyone.

Tiger at ZSL London Zoo

Flamingos at ZSL London Zoo

tent at ZSL London Zoo

Buy Tickets Now

You can score a nice little discount on Early Bird tickets if you book more than a week in advance.

Get There Early!

Most exhibits shut at 9:00pm so really you only have 3 hours from when the gates open. Expect a queue (duh, you’re in London) so make sure you get out of work and get there for 5:45pm if possible. this will give you enough time to see the animals, maybe a special show, and have a relaxing dinner with a drink.

Plan Your Night

I went with a large group of friends so it made it quite hard to plan what I was going to see. If I was going again I would study the map and timetable to make sure i got the most out the night.

Spend Some Time Relaxing

The Base Camp Lawns are lovely and if you strike it lucky with some great weather you will want to spend a little while soaking up the London sunset with a beer or a bottle of wine. Pick which animals you want to see and then sit down and listen to the live music.

Don’t Eat The First Thing You See

There are lots of great options for Food, have a look around and find something right for you.

Take some Cash

Whilst there are cash points within the zoo, take some cash so that you’re not in the queue when you could be watching penguins getting their dinner.


Check out the ZSL London Zoo site for more details.

Music on the Base camp lawns

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